Benefits of kissing

8 Reasons Why You Should Be Kissing More

Turns out kissing has way more to offer than the passion & feels sparking from two lips touching together and evolving into a breathtaking experience. 

Kissing has been our favourite expression of love for centuries. We kiss cute babies like there’s no tomorrow, and might get an occasional peck on the cheeks from Auntie even if we’re no longer 5. And there is no more obvious way to show your love to your partner, than to give them a big kiss. 

Whether it’s an evolutionary cause and effect or a simple act of creating feel good moments – kissing is a major contributor for the quality of your relationship. And, it can have health benefits for both you and your partner! 

Kissing has its benefits 

There are so many perks of kissing – and they come in so many forms! Here’s our top picks for why you should ramp up those smackeroos: 

1. It gives you the ‘happy hormones’

If you heard of oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin, you might know that these hormones are responsible for making you feel happy, excited and in love. They also come in bursts while kissing, which means they help you feel connected to your partner even more. 

2. Kissing is a stress reliever

The more oxytocin you have in your system, the more relaxed you feel. This is caused by the balance of hormones – turns out the more oxytocin you make, the further down your cortisol level goes. Cortisol is the stress hormone, so the more you kiss, the more likely you’re getting rid of any stress bothering you. 

3. Makes men more faithful

If you are in a monogamous relationship, we have some good news for you. Research has shown that oxytocin in men helps them stay in a relationship, and remain faithful to their partner. So ladies, if you are keen to keep your man, don’t ever forget the morning goodbye kisses and the late night smooching sessions! 

4. Can eliminate allergic reactions

One of the most fascinating aspects of getting your smack on, is that it can reduce the level of reaction to certain allergens, like pollen and dust! It is likely related to stress levels, as increased stress does affect the allergic reactions in many people. Isn’t it unbelievable, how kissing can improve your life in so many aspects? 

5. You can burn some calories too

If you thought the only way to lose weight is through strict diets and lots of cardio sessions at the gym, think again. Depending on the level of your involvement, you can burn up to 26 calories per minute by kissing. While there is no direct connection between losing weight and kissing, we can clearly say it’s a lot nicer to do a diet with reduced stress levels. So if kissing equals happiness, and causes calorie deficit, it means you’ll have a healthier, leaner body, right? Well, we hope so. 

6. As good as botox for your face

Did you know that a decent Frenchie stimulates more than 30 of your face muscles? Turns out kissing makes you more beautiful too! It simply helps you look younger by keeping your face and neck muscles in check, which is the building block of a fresh looking skin. Oh, and those cheeks, they’ll get the benefits of the extra blood circulation too, making you shine all day. 

7. Keeps your smile a pride

While you’re doing your tongue twisting exercise with your special someone, both of your salivary glands are getting a work out too! Kissing increases the amount of saliva in your mouth and helps you swallow as well. Now, don’t get carried away, we’re just talking about how more saliva helps to prevent cavities as it stops food debris from sticking to your teeth. Saliva also cleans your mouth by washing bacteria off your teeth and aids with plaque retention. Getting a regular smacker therefore helps prevent tooth decay. Weird, but wonderful, isn’t it? 

8. Boosts your sex drive

Have you ever experienced, how the lack of regular kisses will inherently cause a decrease in sexual arousal too? A romantic and passionate smooching can bring on your sexual desire, especially if you are a woman – says the research. Ladies marked kissing as one of the main factors when coming to a decision whether to have sex with their partner. 

So gentlemen, if you want your hanky panky to be more of a regular, don’t forget to give your lady that kiss she deserves! There’s so many ways to get her in the mood, and you can find the best ones neatly boxed up in ‘Battle in the bed’. And who knows, while you are playing around, you might get more turned on than she does! 

Battle in the bed boardgame
Battle in the bed board game

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